Valeant Pharmaceuticals

This company single handedly dragged down my returns in 2015.

The share price in the past year looks like this:



Fortunately, the selling of some options served to buffer the drop for me. Still, it hurts.

At this stage, Valeant is as contrarian as it gets. Once they get past the 10-k filing, and the previously released results are validated, Valeant would be valued at a very much higher price than what it is now.

The latest news today is has sent the share price rocketing upwards. Valeant’s special committee has concluded their investigation into Philodor and found that there’s no need for any further restatements.

I’d be expecting Valeant to file their 10-K before 29th April as they have guided for, and that should send the share price shooting upwards further.

After Bill Ackman got on the board of Valeant, suddenly huge progress is made. Within a couple of weeks, the board composition has changed, the CEO is leaving and now the investigations are concluded.

This guy sure works fast.



    1. You can buy or sell options through one of the foreign brokerages.
      I personally use Interactive Brokers for buying foreign equities and for buying/selling options.
      I havent, but am considering using Saxo Capital to buy SGX listed equities.
      Reason for some many different platforms is because Interactive Brokers does not allow Singaporeans to buy SGX companies, only foreigners. (I’m actually writing about this in the next post)
      Not sure what TOS is.


  1. Thank you. You are fast. IB has no SG office if I remember correctly. I don’t mind checking them out when I go to HK. Just to see some faces and get assurance.
    TOS is another service provider. Don’t mean to promote them but I think they have a SG office.
    There is also IG but IG has no options.


    1. Saxo Capital has a local office if that’s something important to you. I havent had much experience with them, but they assigned a personal broker to me so it should be easy to use them, with good support.
      In my experience with IB, I havent had much trouble getting support. They have a “live chat” option that’s 24hrs, and you can communicate with their staff for any queries. Usually, we will be routed to their HK branch, but in odd hours or holidays, we’d be routed to Switzerland.


  2. Thanks again. So I take it that IB has not given you any strong reasons not to continue with them? Will check them out. Good luck with VRX. Been eyeing as well


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