Book List 1 – Inside Rupert’s Brain

I love to collect books. I have a home library which houses my personal collection of books. Somehow, I just can’t read e-books. I need the physical hard copy books.

I now restrict most of the books I read to investing related or autobiographies. Too much stuff to read, too little time.

I’ve decided to share my reading list in a new “Book List” section. Please let me know if there are great investing books that I should add to my library.


72) Book list - Inside Rupert's Brain.JPG

While this is not exactly an investing related book, I found it very enlightening. It gives an insight into the world of business and specifically, media related businesses. This type of business is closely related to politics, whether you like it or not.

This means an investment in media related businesses has to consider the political risks and/or impact. I find that this is particularly so for international media businesses and in foreign markets, not so much in Sg.

SPH is the dominant media related business, and it’s no secret that the Sg government, through Temasek, already has significant influence on the board. Not much political risks in that sense.

In foreign markets though, multiple examples exist.

The current Brexit scenario is a fine example. The book explores how Rupert is unashamed of using his media empire to forward his political views, and he simply makes no apology for it. Currently, The Sun newspaper, which is part of Rupert’s empire, is recommending readers vote to leave the EU. The Brexit camp is also currently in the lead in opinion polls.

These newspapers it seems, like it or not, have enormous clout with their readers. They play a role in spreading views and influencing opinions.


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