Guess The Company

Just less than a year ago, I scratched my head and stared at one of the new catalist IPOs.

It seemed like a terrible joke then, and I think I was as unsubtle as I could possibly can then. These were the comments I made then in response to news of its IPO:

833) Ayondo

And these were in response to enthusiastic but illogical potential shareholders:

834) Ayondo.jpg

I’m guessing this dude ain’t so enthusiastic now.

Of course, even TTI is not infalliable. I gave it 5yrs of existence. It now seems that I was being way too generous.

835) Ayondo.jpg

836) Ayondo.jpg

Barely a year after IPO, the company is now suspended after practically dropping from day 1 relentlessly. (I dunno the reason, don’t really follow it, just noticed it got suspended and hence, this post.)

I know SGX really wants the listing fees… but it’s precisely stuff like this that makes the SG market a pathetic one.

Retail investors as a whole, are really foolish. That’s why they’re the punching bag for intelligent investors to make big monies.

But even for the dumbest of the dumb… there are only so many times you can screw them up before the heart goes cold and they stay out or seek greener pastures… permanently.

IMO, SGX should really change their direction. They’ve screwed up big time with all the dubious S chip listings, and are continuously chasing ridiculous IPOs with crappy companies, presumably for the listing fees.

Add to this is the toxic environment for minority shareholders and the use of lawsuits to silence them, and you have a game whereby the odds are stacked heavily against the retail investor.

That’s the reason for the dull SG markets whereby 1 in 2 of these retail investors are just hanging around for income.


Oh, and if you think that these institutional investors with their team of expert analysts churning out fancy reports know any better……

Well, you must be new around here.

Just a mere 4 months ago:

Now, let TTI tell you what’s going to happen next.

2 words.

“Cease coverage”

Hang around long enough, and you’d see what I mean.

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