Past Transactions

January 2016


February 2016

192) TTI Feb 2016.jpg

March 2016

193) TTI Mar 2016.jpg

April 2016

194) TTI April 2016.jpg

May 2016

195) TTI May 2016.jpg

June 2016

196) TTI June 2016.jpg

July 2016


August 2016

197) August 2016.jpg

September 2016

257) TTI Sept 2016.jpg

October 2016

287) TTI October 2016.jpg

November 2016

371)TTI November 2016.jpg

December 2016

398) TTI December 2016.jpg

January 2017

438) TTI January 2017.jpg

February 2017

473) Feb 2017 transactions.jpg

March 2017

491) March 2017 returns.jpg

April 2017

515) SG TTI returns April 2017.jpg

Divestments highlighted green were profitable, divestments highlighted orange were unprofitable, Unshaded ones are unrealized or buy transactions



    1. At a portfolio level, I use an Excel XIRR spreadsheet to keep track of funds in and out. It calculates the internal rate of return and includes cash holdings.
      I showed the XIRR table for STI ETF in the most recent quarterly portfolio update post:

      It’s the same for my personal portfolio, just input each time there’s a cash withdrawal or infusion and the XIRR function calculates it automatically.

      Separately, I keep track of all transactions in another excel spreadsheet, just for recording purposes. (So that I can remember what’s the ave cost of each of my holding)


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