ThumbTack Fund. #$TR!J%@F()*&(*%#!!

This is the sequel to:

Birth Of A New ThumbTack Fund: GFH Fund

My luck couldn’t be any worse.

804) TT Fund week 1

I entered into 5 long positions for the portfolio, selling put options on AVGO, V, CTL and JNJ.  I’ve also sold calls on VXX (it’s a long position cos I’m indirectly shorting volatility).

Total premiums: USD 2,557.99

4 of these were entered on Wed night / Thurs early morning… which was just 1 day before the carnage as the US markets dropped heavily in the Thursday and Friday sessions. Presumably cos of the hike in bond yields.

Gosh. How irritating can it get. Just 1 day difference would mean a few grand USD more.

In the longer term, it probably doesn’t quite matter so much, but it is a bit irritating right now.

805) TT Fund balance sheet.jpg

I kept the SGD as SGD in ThumbTack Fund, believing that the current USD strength would not persist. I don’t need to cover any positions right now anyway.

TT Fund’s balance sheet is easy to understand at this stage:

SGD 100,000

USD 2,557.99

Sold 4 puts and 1 call.

There should be minimal activity over the next week or so, as I focus on getting the administrative stuff completed. (Lotsa activity for my personal portfolio though)

Godspeed (to myself).

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