“Seeking To Improve The Art Of Money Management Within The Science Of Probability”

“Seeking To Improve The Art Of Money Management Within The Science Of Probability”


I wish I could come up with stuff like that man.

Sharing this insightful video interview for my readers to watch and hopefully, glean some insights:

For me, the key takeaway message here is similar to what Warren Buffett said:

From 2000 to 2009, during Asia Genesis’ 1st run, it generated annualized returns of net 18.7%. We have to remember that this period of time included the dotcom bubble burst of the 2000, as well as the GFC in 2007/2008.

Following closure of his fund, Soon Hock continued to manage his own funds, and has NEVER HAD A LOSING YEAR.

Basically, the guy is managing money like how Mourinho was managing Chelsea from 2004 to 2007, when he famously coined the phrase “parking the bus” in front of the goal, aka doing whatever you need to make sure you don’t concede a goal.

Well, during that time, Mourinho won 6 titles with Chelsea, so it clearly worked:

  • Premier League (2): 2004–05, 2005–06
  • FA Cup (1): 2006–07
  • Football League Cup (2): 2004–05, 2006–07
  • FA Community Shield (1): 2005

This kinda “parking the bus” approach to money management is important, especially so, if one is managing other people’s monies. Imagine how much relief Soon Hock’s investors would’ve felt during all the tumultuous periods of crises, when the world was awash in red and everyone’s panicking and everything’s burning. To be able to eke out even a small gain during such times, is pure skill.

That’s all I have for this short post, enjoy the video.


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